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ikago Heat Coaster Pro Set

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Experience the true power of ikago - perfect hot coffee, every time. Its innovative infrared sensors and eco-friendly heating system ensure that your coffee stays at the ideal temperature, from the first sip to the last drop. Whether you're at home or in the office, ikago is your go-to companion for a hassle-free coffee experience.
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30-Day Return

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2-Year Warranty

Have a question? Email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, we guarantee a 2-year warranty.

Brew Up Magic that Lasts All Day Long

Our patented heating technology plus innovative infrared sensors make a perfect team to keep your coffee hot as you prefer, all day long.

Read the Temp, Read the Taste

The infrared sensors let you know the beverage temperature like a mind reader, touch-free and hassle-free. Wield this magic wand and tailor your beverage temperature to your taste!

One Degree Matters

Find your coffee's sweet spot with ikago's 1-degree precision heating. Because who wants a 'meh' cup of joe? Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just have different preferences for your beverages, ikago has got you covered. Don't settle for mediocre - experience the ultimate taste with ikago.

Upgrade Your Coffee Game with ikago

Crafted to perfection with premium materials, ikago's silver and sleek matte black design is a showstopper. Patented heating technology keeps your coffee piping hot while saving energy and reducing waste. Elevate your coffee game with ikago's ultimate blend of style and smarts.

Any mug*, any drink

Experience the ultimate taste sensation with ikago - the best buddy for all your favorite beverages, from coffee to cocoa. Our device adapts to almost any mug, ensuring the perfect temperature and flavor every time. Elevate your drink game with ikago today!

Save the planet one sip at a time with ikago

Featuring advanced heating materials, ikago offers the same warmth with less electricity consumption. Its intelligent feature automatically shuts off when the cup is removed or reaches the desired temperature, saving energy and our planet.