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ikago Heat Coaster Pro Set

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Experience a perfectly hot coffee to your taste with ikago, every time. Tune your personal ideal taste and temperature with a 1-degree increment from 105 to 175 degrees. Fast heat for a slow drink.

Perfectly Hot Delight
1°F Accuracy Control
Touch-Free Auto-Sensing
Quick & Safe Heating

109 total reviews


One Degree Matters

Set your drink temperature with ikago's 1-degree precision heating. Find the best temperature to get the ultimate taste of your beverage, at your fingertips.

Enjoy Hot Coffee That Lasts All Day Long

Our patented heating plus innovative infrared sensing technology make a perfect team to keep your coffee as hot as you prefer, all day long.

Read the Temp, Read the Taste

Visible and comfortable. The digital display gives you an instant read on the heat, so you can enjoy your beverage with ease and peace of mind.

Any Mug*, Any Drink

Bring the perfect taste to all your favorite beverages, from coffee to tea. Our device adapts to almost any mug, ensuring the perfect temperature and flavor every time.


Safe and hassle-free. ikago's intelligent feature automatically shuts off when the cup is removed or reaches the desired temperature, saving energy and our planet.

Embrace Ultimate Blend of Style and Smarts

Crafted to perfection with premium materials, ikago's silver and sleek matte black design is a showstopper. Patented heating technology keeps your coffee piping hot while saving energy and reducing waste.

Why choose ikago?

ikago Heat Coaster ProOther coffee warmers
keep your coffee hot, but not overcook it Yes No
customizable temperature Yes
read the beverage temperature Yes No
smart and eco-friendly heating Yes No
safe and automatic shut-off Yes No
fits various ceramic cups Yes No
memory of setting Yes No
well-made with premium materials Yes No
stylish gadget on your desktop Yes No


Package Contents
  • Heat Coaster Pro ×1
  • Owner’s Guide ×1
  • Coffee Mug with Lid and Spoon ×1
Input voltage120 V, 60 Hz
Rated Power75W
Size6.7 by 4.3 by 1.4 inches (16.9×11.0×3.6 cm)
Weight0.57 pounds (260 g)
Customizable Temperature Range105°F-175°F (40°C-80°C)

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Robert Wiseman
Hot Coffee

The imago unit works great, no more luke warm or cold coffee, wish I would have found this a long time ago.

Glenn Moye
Works Exactly As Promised

This nifty little device keeps my coffee at a fairly constant 150 degrees from first sip to the last drop. Simple to use, well designed and built, and it just works. The packaging is impressive too. I would recommend this item to anyone who enjoys a hot beverage and wants it to stay hot.

William Kobs
Great product

Keeps my coffee hot and tasting good.

mark whitaker
Great gadget!

I was getting tired of constantly rewarming my half full coffee cup in the microwave till I saw this. I am SO glad I ordered it! It keeps my cup warm to a nice 150 degrees which is perfect. It's small and the cup that comes with it is very nice! I highly recommend this especially if you can set it near where you take your coffee each day.

Carol Robb

Like it but temperature faces the other way. Handle too small.